Modern Food

From Nutrition to Junk

In time gone by what we ate was automatically organic, as no artificial additives were dug into the soil to enhance extra and faster growth. They were all natural ingredients, and therefore, it was not necessary for us to have to partake of all the mineral and vitamin supplements that we have to take today. Not only is the soil as nutritious, the food planted in it, is also fed with all sorts of enhancers, to improve the visible and marketable appearance.

In reality, we are not eating as much worthwhile, nutritious food as we should be taking. Hence the vitamin supplement market is doing a thriving trade, in many ways falsely boosting us up to the level, necessary for good and healthy living. Look at all the energy boosters of sugar that we love to eat and drink! Who does not love a piece of chocolate or slice of cake, a cup of coffee with lots of sugar in it or a fizzy drink? What a boost to the system! They may be giving us a quick fix, but in reality they are not helping us either, in the short or long term doing as far as our actual health is concerned. In later life, this can lead to all forms of complications.

Children seem to be fed on an overdose of Junk food. Chips and fizzy cool drink seem to be the norm, instead of only on special occasions. The visits to Fast Food outlets are far too frequent, often because parents do not feel like cooking. It is much easier just to go out to a steakhouse or other Fast Food outlet and indulge in a hamburger and chips. All that fat churning away inside you, could be eventually be a killer!.

We see so many little “fatties “running around, with their tee shirts hanging loosely, trying to hide bulging fat tummies hanging over their jean waists. If they ate proper food at regular mealtimes, they would have appealing figures they could be proud of instead.

Unfortunately, it is not only the children that are overweight, in many cases it is the parents who set the example. Many are so obese; they can hardly fit into their clothes, or sit in comfort on the average size chair. Do not even think about movies or theatre seats! Is this all due to laziness? Time is often of the essence, but with careful and organised planning; cooking an appetizing meal is certainly not so difficult