Fast Food Facts

These days we are looking to make things, particularly eating, more convenient. With both parties in a couple working full time at often challenging careers, the fast food restaurant can be seen as the answer to getting a nourishing meal quickly and easily. Many feel they just don’t have the time to prepare a meal after working a long day, and the convenience of fast food is appealing. However, they are not the best choice for a healthy nutritious meal. Let us look at a few facts about some of the fast food that is popular today.


One of the wide range of hamburgers on offer with a portion of fries can be really tasty, but a regular Double Quarter Pound Cheeseburger with a medium portion of fries will give you about 60g of fat and around 1,100 calories, plus whatever you have to drink with it. So if your daily calorie target is 2,000 calories, you are already over halfway to your total with just the one meal.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

They offer very popular chicken meals, that are quick and easy, but just one original recipe chicken breast will give around 21g of fat and about 360 calories. Two chicken breasts will add up to 42g of fat and 720 calories. Plus any other things like potato wedges, cheese, pasta or mashed potato, which will add their own additional fat and calorie factors.

Pizza Hut

What can be easier than a ‘phoning for a pizza delivery? A Large Pepperoni pan pizza has approximately 14g of fat and 270 calories per slice! Eat just two slices of pizza (and who does?), and you will have taken on board about 28g of fat and a massive 340 calories. Add on the various extra toppings that are so popular, and the figures just keep on rising.


You may think that you are eating healthily, but be careful about what you choose. A 6″ Chicken Parmesan sandwich is around 18g of fat and about 500 calories. Add on the numbers for any side orders and relish or sauce on your sandwich, and the total amounts of fat and calories can be high. Steer clear of fast food outlets if you can, but if you need the convenience they offer, check out their menu in advance, to find what is available, so that you won’t exceed your diet plan.