Fast Food Concept

Traditionally, fast foods were meant to be consumed by those who are constantly on the go, always trying to beat the clock. Unlike your regular food, you don’t have to wait for your order to be cooked. Your food will be served moments after your order has been placed.

The concept of fast food offers the food industry a more competitive edge. With food being served at a very fast pace, the output can be optimized and maximized at the same time. Though the operating hours of different eateries may vary, eateries would be most pack during lunch and dinner hours.

An eatery running on a traditional concept would lose out to fast food outlets in terms of output and capacity. Cutting down the time diners have to wait at a restaurant would maximize on the profit, with the assumption that the restaurant is at full-house capacity during these peak hours.

Most restaurants running on the traditional concept, where food is prepared only upon an order, are shifting towards the fast food concept little by little. So to speak, the food on top of a restaurant’s menu would be prepared in advance even before the order is place, in order to hasten the overall process.

The most notable shift we can see is Starbucks. Traditionally, Starbucks would only prepare your drinks on the spot upon order. However, during peak hours, especially during breakfast, most of the more common drinks will be prior prepared in bulk.

Though a restaurant may not be classified as a fast food restaurant, the concept is slowly adopted at a wide scale to remain competitive.

Healthy Food Tips for a Healthy

As we go about our daily hectic and busy lives, eating sensibly and healthily is getting more difficult as we get less time to prepare our own meals. To add to that, convenient food outlets like fast food restaurants make it easy for people today to just “outsource” their nutrition responsibilities to the restaurant. Unfortunately, these foods are far from healthy, often laden with a high content of salt, sugar and fat.

If you want to live healthily, you need to put health as a priority, and that means changing the way you eat.

Many people think that preparing healthy meals take a lot of time, but that is not often the case. Here are some ways for you to get healthy food on your plate quickly and easily.

#1. Go grocery shopping twice a week to stock up on your fresh meats and vegetables

Making sure your refrigerator is stocked up with the right foods is the first step to a better healthier life. Stop buying those frozen pizzas, and opt for green leafy vegetables and raw meat. Even the leafy vegetables can last 2 to 3 days when stored in refrigeration, so you don’t have to go to the market daily.

If you tend to spend a lot of time in the supermarkets or wet market, you can definitely do with a shopping list. Go in, get the stuff you need, and check out!

#2. Marinate meats before freezing

Meats like chicken or pork often requires marinating before cooking – and that takes time, especially if you need to wait for the frozen food to thaw before you marinate. So as you purchase your fresh meats, get them marinated before you put them into the freezer. That way, all you need to get a good dish is to thaw it, and put it into your pan!

#3. Get wholemeal bread for breakfast

Instead of pancakes and oily sausages and hash browns, consider simple wholemeal bread, butter and jam for breakfast. They are much easier to prepare and have much better food value since wholemeal bread is packed with good fibre.

#4. Use a water bottle for your water

Instead of reaching for the fizzy drink each time you crave for a drink, reach for your bottle of water instead. If you would just replace your sweet soft drink with water for each meal, you can reduce your calorie intake by 450 calories a day easily! If you need some flavor in your drink, try unsweetened teas – the 5 calorie drink way better than the 150 calories in that can.

Modern Food

From Nutrition to Junk

In time gone by what we ate was automatically organic, as no artificial additives were dug into the soil to enhance extra and faster growth. They were all natural ingredients, and therefore, it was not necessary for us to have to partake of all the mineral and vitamin supplements that we have to take today. Not only is the soil as nutritious, the food planted in it, is also fed with all sorts of enhancers, to improve the visible and marketable appearance.

In reality, we are not eating as much worthwhile, nutritious food as we should be taking. Hence the vitamin supplement market is doing a thriving trade, in many ways falsely boosting us up to the level, necessary for good and healthy living. Look at all the energy boosters of sugar that we love to eat and drink! Who does not love a piece of chocolate or slice of cake, a cup of coffee with lots of sugar in it or a fizzy drink? What a boost to the system! They may be giving us a quick fix, but in reality they are not helping us either, in the short or long term doing as far as our actual health is concerned. In later life, this can lead to all forms of complications.

Children seem to be fed on an overdose of Junk food. Chips and fizzy cool drink seem to be the norm, instead of only on special occasions. The visits to Fast Food outlets are far too frequent, often because parents do not feel like cooking. It is much easier just to go out to a steakhouse or other Fast Food outlet and indulge in a hamburger and chips. All that fat churning away inside you, could be eventually be a killer!.

We see so many little “fatties “running around, with their tee shirts hanging loosely, trying to hide bulging fat tummies hanging over their jean waists. If they ate proper food at regular mealtimes, they would have appealing figures they could be proud of instead.

Unfortunately, it is not only the children that are overweight, in many cases it is the parents who set the example. Many are so obese; they can hardly fit into their clothes, or sit in comfort on the average size chair. Do not even think about movies or theatre seats! Is this all due to laziness? Time is often of the essence, but with careful and organised planning; cooking an appetizing meal is certainly not so difficult

Fast Food Facts

These days we are looking to make things, particularly eating, more convenient. With both parties in a couple working full time at often challenging careers, the fast food restaurant can be seen as the answer to getting a nourishing meal quickly and easily. Many feel they just don’t have the time to prepare a meal after working a long day, and the convenience of fast food is appealing. However, they are not the best choice for a healthy nutritious meal. Let us look at a few facts about some of the fast food that is popular today.


One of the wide range of hamburgers on offer with a portion of fries can be really tasty, but a regular Double Quarter Pound Cheeseburger with a medium portion of fries will give you about 60g of fat and around 1,100 calories, plus whatever you have to drink with it. So if your daily calorie target is 2,000 calories, you are already over halfway to your total with just the one meal.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

They offer very popular chicken meals, that are quick and easy, but just one original recipe chicken breast will give around 21g of fat and about 360 calories. Two chicken breasts will add up to 42g of fat and 720 calories. Plus any other things like potato wedges, cheese, pasta or mashed potato, which will add their own additional fat and calorie factors.

Pizza Hut

What can be easier than a ‘phoning for a pizza delivery? A Large Pepperoni pan pizza has approximately 14g of fat and 270 calories per slice! Eat just two slices of pizza (and who does?), and you will have taken on board about 28g of fat and a massive 340 calories. Add on the various extra toppings that are so popular, and the figures just keep on rising.


You may think that you are eating healthily, but be careful about what you choose. A 6″ Chicken Parmesan sandwich is around 18g of fat and about 500 calories. Add on the numbers for any side orders and relish or sauce on your sandwich, and the total amounts of fat and calories can be high. Steer clear of fast food outlets if you can, but if you need the convenience they offer, check out their menu in advance, to find what is available, so that you won’t exceed your diet plan.

An Introduction To Eating Fast Food

In today’s world fast food has become a norm in most households as well as in individual daily lives. Most people hardly have time to prepare a healthy meal due to the pressure of work and life in general. This reduces healthy eating to perhaps just a few days in the week. In a world were obesity has become a stronghold an increasing number of people are finding ways to look after their weight even as they eat fast food. As might be apparent to many obesity increases the risk of chronic disease such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

In response to this growing need and desire to eat healthy, many notable fast food outlets are making an effort to introduce healthy meals. One can admit that eating healthy in the context of fast food has really become tactful. You will need to eat some things and leave out others. The bedrock of most fast foods is fries which are done in trans-fats and so on. These are heavy in calories and will instantly give you all the calories you need for the day in a single meal. What to do then is to eat much less fries if you really need to eat them.

In each serving of a typical fast food meal, there is more than just a burger. Normally it is accompanied by fries and some other things on the sides. The tip here is to eat your burger and leave other things on the sides. This way you eat much less in terms of portion. You will also reduce the amount of calories you are taking in. Even though this may be hurtful in the sense that you are throwing away your money in these hard economic times, this becomes a necessary trade-off for the sake of your health.

In the same way you may elect to eat just the one half of the sandwich and some vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very good for your health. It will a good idea to eat out at fast food outlets that gives you a variety of vegetables and even fruits to pick from on the menu. If you go for salads avoid the dressings. These often fool a lot of people into thinking they are eating healthy. Even though the salads with the greens are healthy the dressings are not as good. They add unnecessary calories. If you have an option to skip them its a good idea to do away with them.

Perhaps the good news to all fast food eaters is that most outlets are taking far reaching initiatives to introduce healthy take-away. This is likely to remain the trend for many years ahead.